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A Biokineticist is an exercise specialist who enhances a person’s physical condition and quality of life by means of physical assessment, education and the prescription of scientifically based exercises. The Biokineticist is part of a medical team that specializes in preventative medicine and final phase rehabilitation. A Biokineticist prescribes safe individualized exercise programs to promote a healthy life style and quality of life through physical activity.

Who can use Biokinetic Services?
                                   Any person who wants to be more physically active, healthier and improve his/her quality of life. 

Orthopaedic Rehabilitation


• Neck 
• Shoulders 
• Back 
• Elbows 
• Hands 
• Hips 
• Knees 
• Ankles 
• Feet 

Cardiac Rehabilitation

• Hypertension
• Myocardial Infarction
• Coronary Artery Bypass
• Graft & Angioplasty

• Pacemakers 

• Valvular Heart Disease
• Congestive Heart Failure
• Cardiac Transplant
• Peripheral Artery Disease
• Aneurysms & Marfan Syndrome
• Pulmonary Disease
• Cystic Fibrosis


Special Populations


• Pregnancy
• Arthritis
• Osteoporosis
• Diabetes
• Cholesterol
• Obesity
• Renal Failure
• Cancer
• Stroke
• Epilepsy
• Polio
• Guillian-Baré Syndrome
• Alzheimers
• Parkinson’s
• Children

Sport Specific

• Pre-Season Conditioning
• Post-Season Conditioning
• Specific Testing
• Sport Specific
Exercise Prescription

General Conditioning


• Weight Loss
• General Fitness
• Toning and Definition
• Muscle Endurance
• Muscle Building 
• Supervised Training Sessions


The practice is contracted out. It is your responsibility to submit your account to the medical aid. You are personally responsible for payment within 30 days as we have no direct dealing with the Medical Aid.

Should your account be handed over for collection by an attorney or any other agent,                                                                                                         you will be responsible for all costs occasioned thereby.


Having your cholesterol level checked is the first step in determining your risk of heart disease. Cholesterol blood levels can be determined by screening process involving only a finger prick. 

When coming in for testing please ensure that you do not eat, drink or smoke 3 hours before testing.


 A blood glucose test measures the amount of a type of sugar, called glucose, in your blood. 

Glucose levels can be determined by a screening process involving only a finger prick. 

When coming in for testing please ensure that you do not eat, drink or smoke 3 hours before testing.

Body Composition Anaysis

Body composition is used to describe the percentage of fat, bone and muscle in human bodies.


Body fat percentage can be measured in several ways. The most common method is by using a set of measurement callipers that measure the thickness of subcutaneous fat in multiple places on the body.



Physical Work Capacity

A Physical Work Capacity test allows us to determine an individual’s maximal oxygen consumption. In simple terms, maximal oxygen consumption is a measure of the endurance capacity of both the cardio respiratory system and exercising skeletal muscle.

Orthopaedic Evaluation

An orthopaedic evaluation consists of a specific history of the condition and previous treatment, and a general medical history. A specific assessment of the affected limb or body part.


This includes: The manual determination of range of motion, muscle strength, flexibility and posture analysis.




Vitality Fitness Testing

Learn more about your fitness level at our biokineticist in the Vitality Wellness Network. You can earn up to 7 500 Vitality points depending on your fitness level.

The Vitality Fitness Assessment is made up of 2 parts – the first part measures your cardio-vascular fitness and the second measures your strength and flexibility. It has been designed to give you an accurate and personalised understanding of your fitness. After the Vitality Fitness Assessment, your biokineticist will show you what you need to focus on in order to get fitter and stronger.

You can earn 2500 Vitality points and up to an additional 5000 Vitality points depending on your fitness level. The points you earn from your Vitality Fitness Assessment contribute towards your yearly cap of 30 000 fitness points.

The Vitality Fitness Assessment costs R400. You will need to pay for the assessment upfront. If you are on a Medical Scheme plan that covers the cost, you can claim this amount from your day-to-day benefits if you have funds available. If you are a Discovery Life policyholder, you will need to pay for your assessment upfront.

Vitality Machine

Log your training session and earn 100 points per day.

Vitality Baby Mothers will earn 200 Vitality points during pregnancy and until their babies is 6 months old. 

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