Pilates classes focus on strength, muscle toning, body control, flexibility - with the main emphasis on core strength. It involves a series of controlled movements that engage both your body and mind.


Pilates is based on 6 principles

  • Centering: strengthening the "core" muscles of the body, which include the abdominals, pelvis, buttocks and back.

  • Concentration: brings your full attention to the form and execution of each exercise.

  • Control: learning to use only the muscles necessary to perform a task, while the rest of the body relaxes.

  • Precision: every movement has a purpose - this results in a "less is more," and "quality over quantity" philosophy.

  • Breath: movement with proper breathing, resulting in enhanced lung capacity, overall coordination and facilitating a stronger  mind-body        connection.

  • Flow: every movement is performed with the grace and ease of a dancer.


Body Conditioning

Body conditioning aims to enhance your body’s own natural physical capacity, capabilities and strengths using a balanced exercise program in a class setting.


Body conditioning improves the strength, coordination, and efficiency of muscles and posture. This class is ideal for all age groups.

There is no need for fancy clothing and you don’t need any special skills to participate in these classes.


Water Aerobics

Water aerobic workouts combine a variety of different techniques to provide safe exercises in a weightless environment.  There is no limit as to who can participate in water aerobics; individuals of any age and gender can participate. Hydrotherapy is also an ideal choice for individuals suffering from obesity, arthritis or any other medical condition. A great advantage of water aerobics is that both swimmers and non-swimmers can participate.



  • Swimming caps are compulsory

  • Decent swimwear compulsory – no G-strings, bikini’s or swimming with clothes

  •  Use the toilet before swimming

  • Shower before entering the pool

  • No running in gym or pool area

  • No pushing into, diving or playing in and around pool or gym area

  • No eating or drinking in the gym or pool area

  • No smoking allowed in gym or pool area

  • Do not sit or play on pool cover

  • No children, if not a fully paid up member and 16 years of age, are allowed in the pool or gym without Biokineticist supervision.

  • Please dry properly before entering the gym and bathrooms

  • No adult / child allowed in pool, unless a fully paid up gym member

  • Pool temperature will be approximately 24ºC – 27ºC in winter due to external temperatures


Swimming Caps Compulsory
Lycra: R50.00



Weight Training

Weight training is a form of exercise used for developing the strength and size of skeletal muscles. Properly performed, weight training can provide significant functional benefits and improvement in overall health and wellbeing.

Weight training uses a variety of equipment and exercise modalities. The benefits of weight training include greater

muscular strength, improved muscle tone, and appearance, increased endurance, enhanced bone density, and improved cardiovascular fitness.


Spinning Classes 

Spinning is a form of exercise that involves using a stationary exercise bicycle in a class setting. A typical class involves an instructor in front of the class who leads the participants in a number of different types of cycling.

These routines are designed to simulate terrain and situations encountered in actual bicycle rides, including hill climbs, sprints, and interval training. The instructor uses music and enthusiastic coaching to motivate the students to work harder.


High-Intensity Training

HIIT, or high-intensity interval training, is a training technique in which you give all-out,  one hundred percent effort through quick, intense bursts of exercise, followed by short recovery periods.





High Intensity  Training Class

Our Instructors

Eugenie Badenhorst

Pilates/Body Conditioning

Annalize Crafford

Water Aerobics/ Spinning

Annelize Crafford

Spinning/Water Aerobics

Helinde Oosthuizen


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Louisa Storm

Water Aerobics

Tania Burger

Water Aerobics/ Pilates

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